Thursday, October 25, 2018

5 Email Marketing Tips With Excellent Results

Email marketing can be a great way to get the word out about specific products and services that you endorse. If you have a good e-mail marketing list built but are not getting the conversions that you would like, there are a few things that you should know before you send out your next blast.
Consumers get e-mails all the time from vendors who are trying to push their products. If you do not follow simple rules of marketing you could be putting all of your effort into an e-mail marketing campaign that is destined to fail. Here are a few tips to help you with your next e-mail marketing campaign.

1. One Group Or One Product

Email marketing campaigns can either be focused on a group of products or on one product. It doesn’t matter if you are sending out an e-mail promoting five products or just one product, however, there is a specific rule that you need to follow. Keeping to one specific niche throughout each e-mail is essential.
So if you’re sending out an e-mail marketing campaign based on weight loss programs the e-mail should contain one weight-loss program or five weight-loss programs. The campaign should not include weight loss equipment, weight-loss supplements or workout clothing. Having your e-mails be specific to one niche is essential to grabbing the reader’s attention. If you send out an e-mail campaign based on a niche but with different products within that niche you could lose their attention quickly.

2. Customization

Customizing your e-mails is essential to getting them through the spam filters as well as getting subscribers. Many times people sign up for an e-mail marketing list but the e-mails windup in their spam folders. One of the biggest concerns for e-mail marketing is that somewhere around 50% to 75% of each e-mail sent is not read and automatically gets deleted.
When you customize the e-mail for each individual recipient they are more likely to change the e-mail from spam to a regular follow. Customizing your e-mails so that each reader has their own name at the beginning personalizes the message and will make you seem more professional in the consumer’s eye. Most e-mail marketing programs should be able to send out e-mails with the recipient’s name at the beginning.

3. Track Your Conversions

E-mail marketing campaigns usually get between a 3% and 5% conversion rating. Once you start getting conversions you should start tracking what products are converting and what products are not. No matter how good your e-mail marketing campaigns are you’re never going to get a 100% conversion rate. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t run statistics on what products are selling and what products are not.
Focusing on the products that are selling through your e-mail marketing campaigns can save you time and make you more money. A lot of times certain niches will not convert well through e-mail marketing campaigns. When you track your conversions you will be able to see which niches are converting the best and which are not converting all.

4. Offer An Unsubscribe Option

Offering an unsubscribe option for your e-mail marketing campaigns is essential. You might think that this is a counterproductive implementation, however, this gives you a way to filter out customers that are never going to buy your products through an e-mail marketing campaign. Having the ability to filter through customers that you’re wasting your time with will also save you time by sending out e-mails that are pertinent to potential customers.
All e-mail marketing software offers an unsubscribe option. Offering an unsubscribe option is also in accordance with the CAN SPAM Act. If you are not following these guidelines your email hosting provider has every right to disable your account.

5. Track Bounces

Tracking the bounces for your e-mail marketing campaigns is vital to keeping your list fresh. This will also help so you are only sending out e-mails to addresses that will welcome the message. Bounces are fairly common throughout e-mail marketing campaigns and this isn’t something that you should get discouraged with.
Sometimes people will sign up for your list, get your message and then realize that they have no interest in receiving further e-mails so they will mark the message as spam. Once an e-mail is marked as spam it’s pretty much dead. Track all of your bounces and delete any e-mail addresses that render bounces after five attempts. While this will also cut down on your e-mail list it can help you to send out the campaign to e-mail addresses that will not balance your messages.