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Email Marketing – Why You Must Build Your List NOW!

One the best things you can do to market your blog is to launch your email marketing campaign.  Here’s why you need to start NOW!
What Is Email Marketing?
Ethical email marketing is simply sending emails to a list of people who chose to receive them. They have given you permission to send them emails – they actually want to hear from you. Anything else is spam. Your goal with email marketing is to create loyalty and trust with your subscribers so that when you recommend a product or service to them, they trust you and they buy. It really is that simple.
Why You Need An Email List
If you’re not building your email list right now, you’re making a big mistake. There’s an old saying – “the money is in the list.”  Well, it’s TRUE.
Here are just a few reasons to start your email marketing campaign NOW…
Visitor retention.
You work hard for every visitor that comes to your site. If they leave without even having the opportunity to subscribe to your list, you’ve lost a potential customer and/or loyal follower. People are busy. Even if they love your blog, life happens. Email provides a way to help them remember who you are.
Everyone has email.
Seriously, EVERYONE you know has an email account. Whether it’s a personal account like gmail or a work account, they have an email address that gets mail every single day. I may not check social media every day, but I do check my email every day – that’s where the important stuff goes. 😉
It’s a very targeted audience.
These are people who went to your blog and liked it enough to give you their email address. They want to hear from you and you know that they’re interested in your niche.
Increased Exposure = Increased Sales.
Buyers typically need multiple exposures to a product or service before they buy. They need time to learn to trust you. Regular email marketing campaigns to your list ensures that you are top of mind with potential customers so that when they are ready to buy a product or service in your niche they’ll buy it from you.
Repeat blog visitors.
Emails are a wonderful way to get repeat visitors to your blog. Subscribers click on a link in your email to read a post on your blog. This is a great way to let your readers know that you’ve published new content.
Email does not expire.
There may be something hot and trending on Twitter today (or even this hour), but it’s gone tomorrow. You’ll never find it again! That’s not the case with email. It stays in your inbox until you delete it. Your message will be there waiting for your subscribers even if they’re gone on vacation when you send the email out.
Your list belongs to you.
While you may have thousands of followers on social media, those followers do not belong to you. If your account is terminated for any reason, those followers are simply GONE. There’s nothing you can do about it. That’s not the case with email. Your email list DOES belong to you. You can download and backup your list of subscribers and even migrate them easily to a new email provider.
Convinced? Good. Let’s start building your list…
We personally use and recommend MailChimp as your email marketing service. In our experience, they have the best list management tools and excellent chat support when you need help.
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Are You Using The Right Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software is one of the easiest and most effective ways to obtain, retain, and maintain your customer base. You can create and send your very own marketing materials, newsletters, and send out correspondence and reply letters to your customers.
Not all email marketing software is created equal, however. There are some basic elements that you should be looking for when you do choose an email marketing software program, such as:
·         It should be easy for you to set up email lists
·         Creating and sending marketing emails should not be difficult
·         You should be able to send emails in bulk
·         The installation and setup of the software should not be complex and confusing
·         A comprehensive interface should be included so that you will be able to easily navigate through the software and feel confident in what you’re doing
·         Creating professional and attractive emails should be a cinch
·         It should provide statistical information to you, such as how many people have unsubscribed, how many of the emails are actually opened, and how many “click-throughs” your emails generate.
Don’t know where to get started? Don’t worry. We’ll tell you exactly which email marketing programs are the best so that you can have the best and most effective marketing campaign.

1. Aweber
Aweber is perhaps the best know email software out there. It’s one of the oldest marketing tools, and for years it was the number one choice of everyone when it came to email marketing software. And we’ll tell you why.
The emails that you can create with Aweber are easy to make, and they come out looking so professional no one would suspect that you are using a fairly low-cost marketing software program. It’s also easy to enter in a lot of different information, like video and audio clips. The scheduling and sequencing feature is intuitive, and you can organize and launch your emailing campaigns in advance. You can choose to send out emails:
·         Daily
·         Weekly
·         Monthly
·         Every other day, or in a different “day” sequence
I guess what we’re trying to say here is that Aweber is almost fully customizable. Aweber also really shines when it comes to the tools that they offer for tracking and monitoring the success of your email marketing campaigns. You can easily see who has opened their emails, who has subscribed, who has unsubscribed, and more.
The main pain point that some have with this software is that it is more costly than other options, such as GetResponse (which we’ll talk about below). Some also argue that Aweber is “less robust” when it comes to importing any emailing lists.

2. GetResponse
Just as with Aweber, GetResponse is almost completely customizable, perhaps even moreso than Aweber. You can easily insert media into your emails, like video, audio and PDFs with GetResponse’s easy to navigate interface. It’s also incredibly easy to copy dozens and dozens of messages for other emails or even other mailing lists, something that will save you tons of time.
GetResponse also has a wide range of scheduling options available to you. You can send emails out to your customers immediately, or you can preschedule any emails to go out on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, or within any other timeframe of your choosing.
The tracking software that comes along with GetResponse is also easy to understand and follow. If you have used the Google Analytics tool, then you will see that GetResponse has a very similar feel. All of the basic information is covered, as well as a lot of other information that may confuse some first-time users.
If when using GetResponse at first you feel overwhelmed by their tracking information, don’t worry. There are a lot of tutorials and information provided which tells you exactly what the statistical information is telling you, and how you can interpret that information to help improve your business.
GetResponse is less expensive than Aweber, but there is something that they do not do as well in: customer support. You may find that their live customer support is a bit lacking, so if you are having a problem with GetResponse, you’ll have to suck up a bit of patience and bear with their customer support representatives.

3. Email Marketing Director
We’ll start off with a warning: this email marketing stuff isn’t cheap. At almost $500 for the whole set, you will be paying a lot more than you would if you were to choose most other ones out there. But if you’re serious about having a fantastic and flawless email marketing campaign, then this is for you.
The feature set that comes along with this software is pretty good, though the one drawback is that you can’t add any audio files to your emails. The program also won’t instantly correct any email address errors, so you do have to be careful when imputing email addresses. But as for the emails, you can add a ton of great features such as anchors, images, subscripts, hyperlinks, and there are a ton of other formatting options. You can display your email in three different modes, and HTML can easily be imported so that you have clean, polished looking emails.
The layout for creating emails is painless and very user-friendly. The creation process is separated into three steps on three separate tabs: the contact list, the message, and how you want to deliver your email. No matter what your experience is with running an email marketing program, you can do it easily with this software.
The reporting features are helpful and will allow you to tailor your campaign, offering up almost any statistic that you could possibly want so that you can run a successful campaign. Some of their stats include:
·         How many empty or bad email addresses there are
·         How many duplicate emails
·         The number of emails the program attempted to send
…and more.
You can send out an unlimited amount of emails when you like and however you like.
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5 Email Marketing Tips With Excellent Results

Email marketing can be a great way to get the word out about specific products and services that you endorse. If you have a good e-mail marketing list built but are not getting the conversions that you would like, there are a few things that you should know before you send out your next blast.
Consumers get e-mails all the time from vendors who are trying to push their products. If you do not follow simple rules of marketing you could be putting all of your effort into an e-mail marketing campaign that is destined to fail. Here are a few tips to help you with your next e-mail marketing campaign.

1. One Group Or One Product

Email marketing campaigns can either be focused on a group of products or on one product. It doesn’t matter if you are sending out an e-mail promoting five products or just one product, however, there is a specific rule that you need to follow. Keeping to one specific niche throughout each e-mail is essential.
So if you’re sending out an e-mail marketing campaign based on weight loss programs the e-mail should contain one weight-loss program or five weight-loss programs. The campaign should not include weight loss equipment, weight-loss supplements or workout clothing. Having your e-mails be specific to one niche is essential to grabbing the reader’s attention. If you send out an e-mail campaign based on a niche but with different products within that niche you could lose their attention quickly.

2. Customization

Customizing your e-mails is essential to getting them through the spam filters as well as getting subscribers. Many times people sign up for an e-mail marketing list but the e-mails windup in their spam folders. One of the biggest concerns for e-mail marketing is that somewhere around 50% to 75% of each e-mail sent is not read and automatically gets deleted.
When you customize the e-mail for each individual recipient they are more likely to change the e-mail from spam to a regular follow. Customizing your e-mails so that each reader has their own name at the beginning personalizes the message and will make you seem more professional in the consumer’s eye. Most e-mail marketing programs should be able to send out e-mails with the recipient’s name at the beginning.

3. Track Your Conversions

E-mail marketing campaigns usually get between a 3% and 5% conversion rating. Once you start getting conversions you should start tracking what products are converting and what products are not. No matter how good your e-mail marketing campaigns are you’re never going to get a 100% conversion rate. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t run statistics on what products are selling and what products are not.
Focusing on the products that are selling through your e-mail marketing campaigns can save you time and make you more money. A lot of times certain niches will not convert well through e-mail marketing campaigns. When you track your conversions you will be able to see which niches are converting the best and which are not converting all.

4. Offer An Unsubscribe Option

Offering an unsubscribe option for your e-mail marketing campaigns is essential. You might think that this is a counterproductive implementation, however, this gives you a way to filter out customers that are never going to buy your products through an e-mail marketing campaign. Having the ability to filter through customers that you’re wasting your time with will also save you time by sending out e-mails that are pertinent to potential customers.
All e-mail marketing software offers an unsubscribe option. Offering an unsubscribe option is also in accordance with the CAN SPAM Act. If you are not following these guidelines your email hosting provider has every right to disable your account.

5. Track Bounces

Tracking the bounces for your e-mail marketing campaigns is vital to keeping your list fresh. This will also help so you are only sending out e-mails to addresses that will welcome the message. Bounces are fairly common throughout e-mail marketing campaigns and this isn’t something that you should get discouraged with.
Sometimes people will sign up for your list, get your message and then realize that they have no interest in receiving further e-mails so they will mark the message as spam. Once an e-mail is marked as spam it’s pretty much dead. Track all of your bounces and delete any e-mail addresses that render bounces after five attempts. While this will also cut down on your e-mail list it can help you to send out the campaign to e-mail addresses that will not balance your messages.
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Most Common Email Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to email marketing, if you can get your email viewed by the recipient, you’ve won half the battle. The field of email marketing is rapidly growing, but is very unpredictable, so learning from other people’s mistakes is key to fixing problems and improving the process. The market is full of turn-offs and anyone can easily be blocked. Ensure that you aren’t making the below mistakes, so that people will actually read the messages you send.


It’s critical for recipients to recognize the sender, or they’ll click “delete” quicker than you can type a subject line! The mistake that senders tend to make is making all sorts of changes or formatting the sender’s identity. The recipient may not recognize the sender and immediately delete it or send it to junk mail without opening it. If this is or was a potential customer, you’ve lost their business.
It’s crucial to have an interesting message and ensure that the subject is consistent with the body as well. Mumble jumbles and confusing messages will result in confusion and a loss of interest. The end result will be a message categorized as spam or junk mail.

Email Marketing System

A lot of senders lack an appropriate or professional email service provider. As such, they’re stuck with irregularities and inappropriate results. Without a professional email marketing system, the chance of poor results is extremely high. Technically, the poor results produced are similar to those mistakes from actual spammers.


Email marketers often forget to review and learn from message statistics. Keeping up with and understanding feedback such as open rates, click rates, delivery rates, and unsubscribe rates is crucial. Keeping track of frequency of mailings, recipients, and active/inactive customers allows you to keep up with your communication strategy. Regular upkeep enables one to figure out what mistakes are being made and then correct or improve them.

Lack of Personalization

Sending messages that lack personalization can result in the loss of interest and are a complete turn off. The purpose of personalization is to build some kind of a relationship, however slight. Impersonal messages tend to be generic, fake, and/or spammy. Most readers will quickly come to think that you or your offer are rip-offs or frauds. A well-structured message with early calls to action can be enticing.

No Testing

A very common mistake is to forget to test an email prior to sending a message. Yes, it can be time-consuming, but the time and effort are worth it. Messages filled with errors or inaccuracies are a turn off and will do you no favors. At best, you look unprofessional, and at worst, you look like spam.
Understanding and being aware of the most common email marketing mistakes your business makes is crucial for the success of your business. One can react positively and learn from them with efforts for improvement. It’s imperative to research and invest in the time to make a quality product.