Friday, May 4, 2018

The Legend of Faty is a classic mobile RPG with a clever ally system

Sometimes you just want a bit of classic genre gaming — a straight-up open world RPG with plenty of things to do and choices to make, perhaps sprinkled with a few unobtrusive modern twists, and beautifully presented.
Enter The Legend of Faty, the debut game from indie developer DearSky Studio. This gorgeous cartoony RPG is packed with all the stats and finely tuned mechanics you’d expect, but it’s also super accessible.
The War of the Devil is over and peace reigns — but not for long. Someone is coming to change the world in ways that are still unclear. It’s your job to stop this unnamed person from wreaking havoc.

The Legend of Faty

To do this you’ll need to embark on a perilous journey through The Legend of Faty’s huge open world, befriending or attacking the many NPCs you meet along the way. More on befriending later.
There are weapons and items galore to collect, and they each have their own special power. There are spells, too, for attacking enemies, speeding up your recovery, healing yourself, and so on.
You can complete The Legend of Faty in seven different ways, six of which simply involve finishing all of the missions as each of the six different races. These races all have their own traits, strengths, and weaknesses, giving the game plenty of depth and replayability.

Faty boom boom

But the real key to The Legend of Faty’s depth is the ally system. You have the ability to form alliances with neutral NPCs to help you out, but this costs XP and cash, so you always need to weigh up whether an alliance is worth making.
Some alliances can’t be made until you’ve reached 60% of the level of the prospective ally, encouraging you to complete missions for cash and kill monsters for XP so that you can afford to buddy up.
The Legend of Faty is out now on Google Play (and the App Store). We recommend that you check it out, especially as it’s been discounted for a limited time in May – costing just $0.99 from it’s usual price of $2.99.