Friday, May 4, 2018

Hashtag is a new agent in Modern Combat Versus

There’s a new sheriff in town in Modern Combat Versus, and it’s the new agent Hashtag. He’s just one of many new features now available in the game, thanks to a massive new update.
Hashtag is a master of drones, and uses them to disable his opponent’s abilities. His super can even take over his opponent’s abilities, provided they’re gadgets.

Modern Combat Versus has a new agent, map, and an overhaul to the upgrade system

That’s not all though. There’s a brand new neon-lit map, Central, that allows you to shoot bad guys in the dark of night. Make sure to avoid the train that occasionally speeds through the centre.
The most exciting feature though, is the overhaul in how you upgrade your agents. You can now equip them with up to 22 different modifications to adapt them to your play style.
Each now also has a super ability, that can completely change the course of the battle if you use it correctly. Head on over to Google Play right now to check it all out.