Friday, May 4, 2018

Dungeon Stars hits Early Access

Fans of a good old fashioned dungeon romp should be quite pleased to hear that a new one is readying itself to enter the market. Dungeon Stars has not long hit Early Access and the kind souls over at Furnace Games and Riposte Games & Co have a bit of news for us along with a trailer.

Dungeon Stars is a side scrolling, hack and slash, dungeon crawler which is now available in Steam’s Early Access for $14.99. This title is being pitched as an evolution of the classic dungeon brawl, full of button smashing action. The game is set in a world populated by lovable characters and a beautiful 3D environment with procedurally generated levels for those of you who, like me, love some good replay value.

This title sees you taking control of a team of three heroes, collected from a pool of fifteen in total. Each of these has their own unique powers and special quests to perform. You will be able to switch characters into your squad on the fly, dependent on the challenges you’re being pitted against. This is actually interesting, as it’s allowing for really fluid gameplay, as opposed to picking your team, getting smashed and have to go back and start from scratch with a different setup. Your heroes can also be leveled up (somewhat of a necessity in this sort of game), allowing them to unlock new abilities, equip magical gems and enlist the help of pets who will give them new powers. All this will allow you to tailor your squad to the way you play.

You will take your band of adventurers into a game spanning over 40 procedurally generated adventures with random encounters, secret rooms and loot which will never be the same twice. From here, the real action begins as you find yourself smashing through waves of enemies and powering up special abilities in an attempt to slay more powerful foes and bosses. If you’re clever, skillful and maybe a bit lucky, you’ll be able to defeat the dungeons before you and succeed.

It is great to see the indie development team born from our partnership with Furnace Games taking their first step towards a bigger audience and we are excited to see the progress and how player feedback shapes Dungeon Stars in the coming months in Early Access,” said Johan Eile CEO of Riposte Games and Co.
Let’s remember that this isn’t a finished product yet. Those of you participating in the Early Access will help shape the final details of the game. The devs are keen for your opinion to be heard and your input will go a long way into shaping the final release. When Dungeon Stars is a fully finished article, players can expect a number of new features, optimizations and enhancements to be released during the Early Access period and of course after launch. These changes are said to potentially include new dungeons, characters and modes for the game.
If you like a good bit of hack and slash violence, love a dungeon crawl or just want to see what Dungeon Stars is all about, you can go and join the fun at the Steam page here. From what we’re seeing this title certainly has a very classic arcade feel with some interesting new elements thrown into the mix. Even if you don’t want to throw yourself into a fledgling game just yet, Dungeon Stars could well be worth keeping a eye on in the months up until launch. The finished article could potentially be very good indeed.