Friday, May 4, 2018

Combo Rush is a promising action RPG out now in beta

Combo Rush is a comic puzzling action RPG that looks pretty promising, and you can check it out right now in beta on Android.
You have to string together an enormous combo of attacks to defeat powerful monsters. Beat them and you can enlist their help as a pet.

Check out action RPG Combo Rush in beta on Android now

Pets have a variety of unique skills that help you in combat. They can heal you, slow enemies down, or just blow them up entirely. It could be as easy as that.
There’s a bunch of different levels to complete that rapidly increase in difficulty. Or, you can battle to get the highest score and top the leaderboards – whatever takes your fancy.
So if that sounds fun to you, head on over to Google Play right now to get it. It’s completely free, but it is in beta, so you might experience an issue or two.